Music Submissions

To submit music to CisternYard Radio you may send or drop off physical copies of your music to the following address:

CisternYard Radio

172 Calhoun St. Suite 203

Charleston SC 29424

To submit digital copies, email our Assistant Public Relations Manager, Meredith Wohl ( A member of the CYR staff will listen to your submission, and you will be notified within a week if your music has been added to the library or rotation.


  1. Tom Gorecki2 years ago

    Hello, I’m the drummer for a local indie band.
    I was wondering how i could get our stuff played on the COFC radio. I can e-mail you some songs or drop of a CD or Flash drive
    thanks for your time

    • Cayla Clarke Williams2 years ago

      Hi Tom,

      Our new music submission policy has been posted above. We prefer physical copies, but you can email your submission if that’s a more convenient option.

      Thanks for reaching out!

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