About CisternYard Radio

Founded in 2001, CYR is the College’s radio station. We are completely operated, produced, and managed by students. As a station, we provide listeners with diverse programming and insight into student life. DJs are overseen by seven paid staff members and have the opportunity to create a weekly show based on their personal interests. The best part about CYR is that you can listen anywhere.

To learn more about our staff, check out the bios below. For more information on how to get involved, check out the “DJ” tab and take a listen here!

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For general inquiries, email cisternyardradio@cofc.edu.

About the Staff

General Manager: Meredith Wohl – wohlma@g.cofc.edu

Hailing from both the frozen tundra of La Crosse, Wisconsin and the accent-ridden Long Island, New York, Meredith Wohl is a sophomore with the intent to double major in Communications and History. Fascinated by the art of debate and the magical effects of a well fitted blazer, she plans on doing something groundbreaking and related to Public Relations after graduation. Meredith loves Civil War history, Mexican food, eccentric fashion, and sloths. When she’s not working, you’d likely find her quoting Spock, taking Polaroids, expanding her repertoire of odd voice impressions , or vibing to A Tribe Called Quest.

Public Relations & Events Manager: Rodney “Donovan” Taylor – taylord1@g.cofc.edu

Donovan Taylor is the PR and Events Manager for CisternYard Radio. When he’s not turnt at any given moment, he is playing a guitar, brushing up on his Spanish skills and actively spreading the gospel of IceJJFish. Donovan is also an avid T-shirt collector and has the avid ability to quote Archer, Bob’s Burgers, and Spongebob Squarepants.

Programming Director: Harrison Tucker – tuckerhm@g.cofc.edu

Technical Director: Eveline Hok – hoke@g.cofc.edu

Did you hear that? That was Eveline, pushing buttons and making sounds. She eats candy, too. Thanks.

Office Assistant: Lauren Kong – konglc@g.cofc.edu

Lauren is a Biology/Philosophy double major, which is awesome and not as difficult as it sounds. She loves life and the sciences, so she kept Bio as a major and she enjoys ethics and talking through issues; together are a perfect match for her. In her free time she’s at the pitch being a rugger (meaning: she’s at the field playing rugby) which she loves. She likes talking to people and really getting into meaningful conversations. She enjoys knowing a little about everything and just expanding her network and mind. She loves CisternYard Radio because it suits all those needs and is a new avenue that will teach her so much!

Flagship DJ: Megan Dunn – dunnmt@g.cofc.edu

A v-neck enthusiast from Greenville, South Carolina, Megan Dunn is a sophomore majoring in Communication and double minoring in Creative Writing and Film Studies. Having always been interested in media, she plans on one day being the female version of Ryan Seacrest. While she’s not creating segments with her cohost, Kat Dyer, or awkwardly dancing in public, Megan can be found binge watching Netflix, eating Kickin Chicken, or quoting Mean Girls.

Flagship DJ: Katherine Dyer – dyerke@g.cofc.edu

Part time hippie and full time Diet Coke advocate Katherine Dyer is a recent transplant from the magical, peach-filled land of Atlanta, GA.  A lover of backpacking, people watching and list making, Kat is a sophomore Biology major hoping to eventually fulfill her lifelong dream of wearing scrubs to work every day. When she’s not buried under textbooks that cost more than a small house or brainstorming for her show with her cohost, Megan Dunn, Kat can be found cheering the Detroit Tigers to victory, listening to DEVO on repeat, or speaking exclusively in the voice of the Doge meme. Much wow.


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