Reach Out app launches to help sexual assault survivors

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The app aims to help sexual assault victims access local resources. (Photo Courtesy of Capptivation, Inc.)

Despite media attention, sexual assaults still run rampant on college campuses. Resources are supposedly available so students can take action following an incident of sexual misconduct. But as the founders of the Reach Out Editions app and the Capptivation website realized, those resources are hidden in places where students would not think to look or do not  even know exist. That’s where Reach Out comes in– and one of its founders Jack Zandi.
“It’s preposterous to ask a student to find sexual misconduct information in an Annual Security Report,” Zandi said. “We’ve designed the app to be as relatable and accommodative for college students as possible by ensuring that users are anonymous, the information is campus-specific and it’s free!”

Reach Out has put all the resources a victim could need together in one platform, for 132  of schools across the country, and are expanding as quickly as their current resources allow. . While some schools only have the basic template-  the school’s Title IX coordinator, local hospital details, rape crisis centers and state/national resources- others have an even more detailed template that also includes campus resources and policies as well as community resources.

The group decided to develop the app after the four founders graduated from college. At that time, numerous instances of sexual misconduct, including the Baylor University scandal, were coming to light. Once they realized the limited information accessible to students, they knew they had to do something to make people want to

The app is available in both the IOS App Store and Google Play. (Photo Courtesy of Capptivation, Inc.)

come forward.

Zandi’s favorite feature is the app’s  ability to access the resources of more than one school without having to exit out of the school that is already a part of the person’s profile. This is especially meaningful for parents with children at different colleges  so they can easily keep up with each school’s  policies. . Another feature Zandi made sure to point out is the app’s privacy. No one can access your data when you use its features to contact various organizations. The only data collected is how many students are using the app at a particular school.

College is not always the safest place,  especially on an urban campus like this one in . Although college is perceived as a safe bubble for adjusting to adulthood, sometimes situations arise where victims need help.. But if something should happen,, know that there are resources  and, because of the Reach Out Editions app, they are available at the click of a button.


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