Joshua Tree by Moon Hooch — An Album Review

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The latest release by Brooklyn based trio Moon Hooch firmly establishes them as innovators in the world of dance music. Straying from the traditional use of steady kicks and piercing synth lines Moon Hooch manages to create infectious beats with the use of two saxophones and one incredibly talented drummer. Joshua Tree saw the creation of 9 brand new tracks blending funk, jazz, and EDM in one cohesive and incredibly unique project. This EP clearly demonstrates Moon Hooch has lost none of their luster or creativity following the release of their full length album and clearly shows the mastery they have of their respective instruments. Their ability to create utterly bizarre and unique sounds out of an instrument that has been around for centuries is both incredibly impressive and enticing and makes listening to their music an experience unlike any other. You can download the Joshua Tree EP for free here.


Track List:

  1. Sandstorm
  2. Dancing Dwarf
  3. Mountain Lion
  4. Jiggle
  5. Criminals
  6. Improv Intro
  7. Improv
  8. Ballad
  9. Outer Urge

Written by Drew Kennedy

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