Hundreds protest President Trump’s Boeing visit

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On Feb. 17, President Trump visited one of Boeing’s newest facilities in North Charleston where the company unveiled a new version of the 787 Dreamliner.

On Feb. 17, protesters gathered in North Charleston to oppose President Trump’s visit to Boeing. (Photo by Emily Warner)

The president congratulated Boeing employees, calling the new airplane “beautiful,” and even stating how much he loves South Carolina. President Trump stressed the importance of manufacturing products in the U.S. as opposed to outsourcing jobs overseas, stressing that “we want products made in America, made by American hands,” as National Public Radio reported.

While Trump received cheers and praise at the Boeing plant, less than two miles down the road on International Boulevard, a crowd stood outside the North Charleston Coliseum holding signs with such slogans as “Dump the Trump,” “No Wall,” “Investigate Trump Now,” “Trump Wrong for America!!,” “Kiss Our Asses & Release Your Taxes!!” and “The Toddler Tyrant is Naked.”

More than 100 Charlestonians came to the event which started at 1 p.m.

CYN approached a few of the protesters to gather public opinion, one such participant was a woman by the name of Eugenia Felsinger, who hefted a sign which read “Fox Wins Best Alt News Award.”

Regarding the thoughts behind her sign, Felsinger informed, “They’ve done a study, and people who’ve been listening to Fox know the least factual information about anything truthful that is happening in the world. That is very dangerous.”

When asked about what concerns her most about Trump’s presidency, Felsinger explained, “The fake news. Fake truth. Unscientific. Gosh, it’s real scary. So it really takes a lot of study and discernment and listening to all of the different news sources to discern…how much truth telling there is.”

The concerns of Felsinger have been shared by many of President Trump’s protesters, and point to a potentially problematic future ahead.


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