The potential presidential cabinet

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Although president-elect Donald Trump’s political experience is hardly extensive, there’s no denying that his unorthodox approach has brought him success. In January he will be sworn in as the oldest president ever, and the second born in New York City. And while his policies have caused an uproar, perhaps his most controversial action yet has been his executive Cabinet appointments.

The Cabinet’s role is to advise the president on any subject that relates to their specific duties. Cabinet positions require expertise in one’s field, and the temperament to work with the president. Along with the Vice President, the executive Cabinet includes the heads of 15 departments—the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, Veterans Affairs and the Attorney General. Because the responsibilities of the presidency are so vast, much of the White House’s day-to-day work will be assigned to others.

Politico writes that for the past few months, Trump’s transition team has been “quietly building a short list of industry titans and conservative activists who could comprise one of the more electric and controversial presidential Cabinets in modern history.” Here are some of the potential picks:

Forrest Lucas, the 74-year-old co-founder of Lucas Oil, is a contender for Secretary of the Interior.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Bob Corker, the current chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, have been proposed for Secretary of State. Many others have pushed forward Mitt Romney, but the Trump team has been very divided in their views on the man who has been one of their most vocal critics.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is the leading contender for attorney general. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the head of Trump’s transition team, is also a candidate.

South Carolina’s own governor, Nikki Haley has been appointed as the United States ambassador to the United Nations. As the daughter of Indian immigrants and the first female and minority governor of South Carolina, CNN argues that Trump’s tapping of Haley “further raises the profile of a rising star in a party whose leaders are increasingly attempting to attract more minorities and women.”

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