Area College Student Actually Goes to Friday 8 a.m.

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This last Friday, February 12th, marked a day in history – a day that would change Friday mornings for the rest of known time. Josh Dugan, sophomore at the College, went to his Friday 8 a.m.

When asked why, Dugan muttered, “I didn’t go out last night.”

Dugan received a round of applause as he entered his classrooom (photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)
Dugan received a round of applause as he entered his classroom. (Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)

Walking to class in the above freezing but nevertheless chilly Charleston morning air, Dugan was followed by admirers and critics alike.

“I don’t know, I guess I like Spanish and I haven’t been all semester. I want to know what’s on the syllabus,” Dugan said, turning to the whispering crowd.

Dugan’s girlfriend, a spritely junior named Jennifer, mentioned her immense pride at seeing her boyfriend take such a huge step toward getting something – anything – significant from of his $40,000+ college education. “His parents will be so elated when I tell them,” she said.

Jennifer went on to excitedly describe the night prior to the almost heroic voyage to class Dugan was taking – “We were watching a movie and he just fell asleep. I didn’t know what to do.”

Dugan’s fraternity brothers came by to ask him to join on a pricey night out on King Street, but Jennifer reported that she blocked the apartment door. “I said, you guys need to let him do this, you know, because this is his journey.”

Talking with some of the other students chasing behind Dugan, it quickly became clear how much pride some take from expressing indifference or even dislike regarding their classes. At one point, Aaron Reynolds, a freshman in the crowd behind Dugan and a member of Dugan’s fraternity, yelled “You’re being so lame, man,” about Dugan’s newly found inner student.

The group followed Dugan for the entire half a mile to class (photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)
The group followed Dugan for the entire half a mile to class. (Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)

Trudging forward at 7:40 a.m. with a crowd of approximately 20 people yelling both encouragement and insults at his back, Dugan’s journey was reminiscent of Moses crossing the Red Sea.

When asked if he would make this sort of behavior a habit, Dugan simply said, “Yeah, maybe. Who knows what the future holds.” An inspiring story for the ages, surely.





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