Senior Spotlight: Adam Seften leads the pack for Charleston men’s cross country

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Each week throughout the fall, CisternYard Sports will be featuring a senior athlete who has made an impact on his or her respective team. This week, we sat down with Adam Seften from the men’s cross country team.

Senior runner Adam Seften helped Charleston win their opening meet of 2014 at Coastal Carolina. Photo courtesy of
Senior runner Adam Seften helped Charleston win their opening meet of 2014 at Coastal Carolina.
Photo courtesy of

As one of three seniors on the College of Charleston’s men’s cross country team, Adam Seften is an important asset for head coach Amy Seago.

In 2013, Seften helped the cross country team make a successful transition into the Colonial Athletic Association. He was the first runner in school history to win the Carolina Challenge with a time of 15:34, which earned him CAA runner of the week honors. At the Furman Cross Country Classic, Seften posted the second best 8K time in school history at 24:59.

In the Cougars’ inaugural CAA meet at Towson, Seften won the event with a time of 26:14. He was later named to the all-CAA team after Charleston finished fourth at their first-ever CAA Championship, something Seften considers his top moment in his career.

“The best moment was probably last year’s conference championship when I earned all-conference [honors]. It was fun racing up in Maryland, where it was similar to some of the courses that I’m used to racing on in high school,” Seften said.

He has continued that success into the early part of the 2014 season as well, finishing fourth at the Coastal Carolina Invitational, helping Charleston win the event.

Seften, a Connecticut native, started running cross country in his junior year of high school. Photo courtesy of
Seften, a Connecticut native, started running cross country in his junior year of high school.
Photo courtesy of

Although he has excelled during his time at Charleston, Seften was not always a cross country runner.

“I started running cross country my junior year in high school,” Seften said. “I was originally a soccer player and the cross country team was having a lot of success throughout high school, and I wanted to be a part of that. So I joined up with some friends, started running in the summer, and had very successful two seasons in high school. I have carried it down here and have enjoyed it down here as well.”

Seften set the bar high early on in his career at the College. In his first meet of his freshman year, he finished third at the 2011 CofC Invitational, which was good for the ninth best time in the College’s history. He then proceeded to claim third place again in the 2012 CofC Invitational and also earned top team honors at the Winthrop Invitational during his sophomore year.

Seften noted that he got his inspiration to play cross country from the great sense of team camaraderie in the sport.

“Everybody on the team, we are all pushing each other. Everybody wants to improve as a whole. Working out together, running together, we spend the majority of our time, day in and day out, together. Just getting to know the guys on the team and competing with each other in a friendly, healthy way has really built me and the rest of the team up,” he said.

When speaking about who has challenged him to become a better athlete, Seften considered his parents and his sister to be his greatest role models.

“I’d say both my parents are role models. Both of them have had a serious impact on my life. They have been motivational, helped me through numerous and countless situations in various aspects. They have always encouraged me to improve myself, whether it is in educational, personal, or in athletics. Both of them have been a major influence on my life. I’d also say my sister, she constantly pushes me to get better and motivates me more than anyone,” he said.

Seften’s character shines through both on and off the track. Not only is he an encouraging teammate, but he is also a selfless person, noting his plans after he graduates from the College.

“I’d like to find a job that I can enjoy, day in and day out. I want to find something that will benefit others not just myself. I’d like to be doing something that I know will be for the greater good of other people, and also be something that I enjoy,” Seften said.

Coming to Charleston from his hometown of Bolton, Conn., Seften says that he will miss his teammates and the people that he has met at the College the most after graduation.

“The south is a very different environment from New England. I’m going to miss the people that I have met down here,” he said. “The guys that I have run with over the past few years have had a serious impact on my life. My coaches have been great, too. In the past four years, we’ve had three coaches, so I’ve met some great coaches that have helped us along the way. Coach Seago has had a major impact on the team improving.”

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