Crunch Time: Food for Finals

It’s that wonderful time of year. You’re decorating your room with twinkling lights, scrambling to find an ugly Christmas sweater for a holiday party and inevitably studying for exams. Finals week is unlike any other week for us college kids. In just a few short days, you’re expected to recall everything you have learned this semester in the five or six classes you’ve been taking. No pressure, right? The stress of finals gets to everyone differently. You may be camped out in Addlestone, biting through your pens in your room, or pretending you don’t have to study at all.

Naturally, I eat. And I don’t mean I inhale Oreos at 3 a.m. I decide to reward myself with any food I want during my study breaks. Whether it’s a meaty sandwich, a doughnut or even a lollipop, I take the time to indulge myself and relax.

During finals, try and throw all normalcy out the window. Forget your workout routine and your to-do list and be good to yourself. During your breaks, do something new and unexpected. It may refresh your mind and make you feel just a little more sane.

Here are my foodie picks for study breaks:

INDULGE: Glazed was rated “Best Bakery 2012” by the Charleston City Paper. It’s one of the only spots downtown that specialize in gourmet doughnuts. Everything is made in house, from the dough to the glazes. I stopped in for a raspberry glazed doughnut and was pleasantly surprised at how fresh and flavorful the raspberry glaze was. Glazed recommends their original glazed doughnut and their “Dirty Elephant” drink made with white chocolate, chai, and espresso. Closes at 3 p.m.

RELAX: Kudu is the well-known “hip” coffee shop of Charleston which guarantees great coffee and a soothing environment. The patio is great for studying, especially in this 70 degree “winter” weather. Kudu recommends a latte and their banana nut muffin.

REFUEL: The Bagel Shop is my favorite bagel spot near campus. It offers an entirely different atmosphere than your typical Einstein’s, and is locally owned. Try their Nova Lox Bagel to rack up some Omega-3s (known to boost memory)!

REJOICE: When you’re finished, grab some friends and go to Kaminsky’s bakery for a celebratory late night brownie sundae. Or try a “Charleston Juker,” their chilled espresso drink with cream and flavored syrup for a caffeine boost.

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