“Pilot”: In a new sitcom from Kitty Milk and Cistern Yard Video, Jane Little is a college transfer to Charleston University with big crazy dreams, and an even crazier production team.

Danielle Rackley- Jane Little
Trevor Catalano- Ben Boling
Bronson Taylor- Jack Lynch
Allyson Musmeci- Kiki Consphadopolis
Edward Precht- Wallace Gromit
Christian Persico- Christian Persico
Julia Margolis- Daisy Martinez
McKenna DuBose- Violet Smith
T. J. Gladden- Token
William Klien- Johnny
Girl- Gabrielle Schecker

Created by Trevor Catalano
Directed by Trevor Catalano
Written by Trevor Catalano, Edward Precht, Allyson Musmeci
Director of Photography- Allyson Musmeci
Photography crew- Allyson Musmeci, T.J. Gladden, Anderson Haney
Edited by Trevor Catalano

Music by Matt Zutell

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